growing branding and business issues

POM Amsterdam is a Dutch accessory fashion brand founded by two sisters Liesbeth & Violet Lotgering. The brand is growing fast national and international. Within this growth POM Amsterdam faces strategic branding and business issues and asked TBBG to support them.

Questions like do we need a different branding approach for each country and is our branding still consistent were one of the issues. And also the positioning of the brand in the market, is the main focus staying an accessory brand or becoming a lifestyle brand?


what we did

We believe that the brand values must be held at the heart of the business. So we started with a branding sessions with the team redefining the brand values of POM Amsterdam including the brand-DNA and story. From there they redefined the mission, vision, ambition, positioning and their targetgroup, so that they have a clear focus in their business strategy. In our approach we link the branding & business strategy constantly to each other, it’s fundamental for business growth.


Then we gave them practical advice how to translate and communicate their brand values to agents in other countries. Also we gave them ideas to translate their unique brandvalues more in an exhibition stand, exterior design store, lay out graphics, type model and for their communication a onliner of POM Amsterdam “Be colourful inside and outside”.