Digital natives and multi-taskers by nature, Gen Z embody social and commercial change.

by Truus Dokter International Trend forecaster, It-fits! | Agent for Peclers Paris

“Millennials may have been the first generation to grow up with computers but Generation Z is the first to be born in the digital age. Digital natives and multi-taskers by nature, Gen Z consumers embody social and commercial change, are experts in mastering new technology and expect their digital AND offline experiences to be personalized, innovative and engaging. This represents a real challenge for retailers – one that require new ways of thinking”.

We selected articles about Gen Z, that we recommend CEO’s and other game-changing professionals in the fashion, design & lifestyle industry.


“The members of generation Z are rewriting the rules of selling fashion”, a nice article on Is your organisation aligned to this transformation?


Generation Z is transforming the shopping experience. They don’t know a world without the internet or mobile phones….. and yet they’re all about people. Read the article on Retaildive.

Dorothee Jennekens
Dorotheée Jennekens, branding consultant