We all know that video is here to stay.
Every day, YouTube’s one billion visitors watch hundreds of millions of hours of footage but is your brand ignoring video or spending time and money creating content that doesn’t really appeal to your target audience? While some brands ignore video some brands create video that just doesn’t resonate with the people they want it to. Different videos are popular for different reasons and there isn’t a one size fits all approach. That said, certain video styles are definitely more popular than others.One area that’s really making waves and is driving value for a whole range of brands are web series.

What makes a web serie popular?
1. Candid moments
2. Keeping things similar
3. Strength in dialogue

What is the first step?
Step 1. Figure out why you’re creating a mini-series. What’s the goal of the series and does it align with the goals of your business?
Step 2. Make short videos. The length of a individual video in a web series needs to be short, 8 seconds to engage the majority of your audience.
Step 3. Conduct some research. YouTube and Vimeo would be the first places to start, but now Instagram allows films of up to one minute, so it’ll be worth having a look here too.

A web series is one of the best outputs to engage your audience, but as with most forms of audience engagement, it’s worth giving careful consideration on the message you’re trying to deliver, the most likely places to find your audience, and the style of video most likely to attract an audience to view and follow your series.

Source: Branding Magazine.com

Dorothee Jennekens
Dorotheée Jennekens, branding consultant